To request a player to be on your son or daughter's team, please request within the notes section of the online registration form. All requests must be reciprocated by both players. No request will be considered after the registration process of the player has been finalized. 


For example, Alex Smith registers and requests for his friend Peter; Peter must then request for Alex Smith when registering.

Players can only request one other player.




It is of great importance for the teams involved in the league to be competitive against each other. The club uses the "Power Up" software to balance teams using age and player ratings from previous seasons to create the rosters. During the first couple of weeks into the season, the Recreational Coordinator will be assessing teams based on their skill level. In the event that there are teams that are evidently dominant over others within their age group, players may be moved to even out the playing field.The recreation program's focus is for kids to have fun, be active, and build their confidence.

Hours of Operation:

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