The Club shall be composed of the following player categories determined by the player’s age and gender with the exception of the indoor soccer program:

  • MICRO 4-7-year-olds

  • MINI 8-11 year olds

  • MAJOR 12- 18 year olds

  • SENIOR 19 years and over

Exceptions to play in a different age categories can be made by the implementation of the PLAYING UP or PLAYING DOWN policy that has been established by the Club. The said forms are available from the Club Director responsible for the age group in which the child should be playing. The Board of Directors shall establish age groups as determined by the number of registrants in the Club. The Club shall be permitted to establish Divisions with combined age groups and shall be permitted to place players in Divisions that reflect their biological age rather than their chronological age in accordance with the CSA’s Long Term Player Development policy. The Club shall be entitled to place players in younger age Divisions to accommodate players with physical or mental challenges.



  1. To qualify to register for a team run by the Corporation, a player must reside in the City of Mississauga. Exceptions shall only be considered by the Board, in exceptional circumstances or in cases where the player has moved from the City of Mississauga but was a player in a previous year.

  2. No registered player shall play on more than one team in the league. No unregistered or ineligible player may play in any league or club game.

  3.  Complete registration shall constitute clearance of residency requirements, proof of age, registration and approval by the Club Registrar.

  4. Except in cases of serious injury or illness that precludes the player from taking part in the club activities, there shall not be any refund given after two scheduled games have been played and in case of serious injury or illness the                 administration fee will be waived. The Club shall have the right to request a satisfactory note from a doctor confirming that the injury or illness has affected the player’s ability to complete the season.

  5. Except in cases where there are not enough players to form a team, all refunds are subject to an administration fee of     $50.00. No refund shall be given after the completion of Two (2) scheduled games including indoor and outdoor seasons.

  6. Inter-team transfers of players within the Club can only be made with the prior approval of the Director of that Division.

  7. No player will be permitted to play wearing any footwear other than soft running shoes or indoor soccer boots for the       Club’s indoor program. Only soft running shoes or soccer boots may be worn for the outdoor program. Shin guards MUST be worn by all players.

  8. No House League player shall be allowed to play in any higher or lower age group than those specified in ARTICLE I and subject to the rules for PLAYING UP and PLAYING DOWN. Approval must be given by the Senior Vice President, or the   Vice President Girls or the Vice President Boys, as the case may be, in regards to any player movement.

  9. Illegal Players: If any team plays a player that is not properly registered to the team by the Club, then the team for whom the illegal player played shall be deemed to have forfeited the game. If the forfeiting team won the game, then the final   score shall be deemed to be won by a one-goal margin in favour of the other team. If the other team won the game, the   final score shall apply.



  1. All players on each team shall be dressed alike (goal–keepers excepted). House League uniforms shall be provided by   the Club and be identifiable in such a manner to the satisfaction of the referee.

  2. The number of players assigned to each team in the ERIN MILLS house league will be dependent upon the amount of     players registered in each age group. The normal maximum number of players will vary depending on the format of play used in the various divisions. The following are guidelines, but can increase or decrease to accommodate all players       registered.                                                                                                                                                                                           5 v. 5: max 10 players                                                                                                                                                                       7 v. 7: max 12 players                                                                                                                                                                  9 v. 9: max 16 players                                                                                                                                                                      11 v. 11: max 18 players


  4. All such transfers to be in accordance with the approved procedures. All transfers will be staged after the “convening       period”. This period of time will be established (pre-season) by the Operations Committee annually. The convening period can be extended by the Operations Committee after the season begins based on special circumstances, Equalization shall take place at a meeting in which the coaches of that age division are invited under the direction of the convenor, director or a V.P of that gender group.

  5. Teams considered too strong for meaningful competition shall have players reallocated to another team within that house leagues program. The movement of less than two players from any one team can occur, if approved by the Senior Vice President, the VP Girls, or the VP Boys, as applicable.

  6. Team Balancing: If the Convenor of any Division chooses to rebalance any teams within the prescribed rebalancing         period, then players shall move from team to team as directed by the convenor. If any player fails to change teams for whatever reason, then the original team shall be deemed to forfeit any subsequent game in which the transferred player continues to play for their original team. The final score for any forfeited game shall be deemed to be 1-0 in favour of the other team.

  7. If any player persists in failing to change teams, then the Club shall have the right to deregister the player and all               registration fees shall be forfeited.

  8. If any coach refuses to cooperate with any team re-balancing as directed by the convenor, then the Club shall have the   right to revoke the coach’s appointment as a House League Coach. The team shall not be permitted to play any further   games until a replacement coach is appointed by the Club, and all scheduled league games without a team coach shall be deemed to be forfeited with a final score of 1-0 in favour of the other team.

  9. Team standings in the each series of group shall be determined of the point system:                                                             3 points for a win                                                                                                                                                                             1 point for a tie

  10. In the event of teams tying for any position the winner to be decided by the winner between tied teams (head to head)     then by goal differential determined by goals against deducted form goals for. Such rules will be available prior to the     commencement of the season.

  11. A “MERCY RULE” of a five-goal differential will be recorded for the winning team in regular season games. Therefore an 8-1 game will be recorded as 6-1 * The mercy rule does not apply during the playoffs.

  12. Mini and Micro soccer shall play their games under the club rules as follows:                                                                              i. Coaches shall be allowed on the field of play, during the game.                                                                                             ii. No records of the match shall be kept.                                                                                                                                    iii. Coaches are responsible for the officiating.                                                                                                                              iv. Each player shall receive a participation award at the end of the season.

  13. Major Youth soccer shall play their games under the club rules as follows:                                                                                 i. All participants are to be played fairly.                                                                                                                                      ii. No player shall play less then 1⁄2 a game.                                                                                                                                 iii. The referee or “stand in referee” (one established by the coaches at the time when there is a “no-show” on the part of      the scheduled referee) is responsible to officiate.                                                                                                                 iv. Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be given out to the division champions.

  14. Uniforms issued by the Club to each individual player shall remain the property of the Club until the end of the current   season, whereupon the ownership of the uniform shall be automatically transferred to the player.

  15. During the current season, no marking, lettering, etc shall be added to any part of the uniform(s) issued by the Club           without Executive approval.

  16. The Executive may remove any designated coach for cause which shall mean they may be in violation of the Club’s       Constitution, By- Laws, Rules and Regulations or Human Rights Policy. Serious or gross misconduct as well as the inability or unwillingness of the coach to perform their duty can result in dismissal.




  1. Members, parents, and spectators MUST abide by the provisions of the Parent Code of Conduct that is attached hereto as Appendix "A" hereto.

  2. Any member, parent or spectator who violates the terms of the Parent Code of Conduct may be subject to Discipline by   the Club.

  3. Any member, parent or spectator found guilty of violating the Parent Code of Conduct may be suspended, expelled or     terminated as a member and/ or may be fined in accordance with the penalties set forth in Appendix "B" attached hereto.



  1. Mini Soccer (U8-U11) shall be played in accordance with the OSA's Recreational Matrix except as otherwise provided       herein.

  2. Summer Rules will apply to ALL House League games, including play-off games. This means that the teams will match the number of players. If one team has only 8 players available for the game, than the other team regardless of how many players are available will only field 8 players. Unless a team has the minimum players, In that case opposing team can play with 1 additional player. For example 8 vs 7 in an 11 vs 11 game. 

  3. Substitution is unlimited with the referee’s permission.

  4. Substitution shall only be allowed as follows:                                                                                                                                   i. At a goal kick.                                                                                                                                                                                ii. When the referee has signaled for a stoppage of play as a result of an injury.                                                                     iii. After a goal has been scored.                                                                                                                                                   iv. At the commencement of a second half and/or overtime periods.                                                                                        v. On your own throw-ins. (A coach may piggyback substitutions with the referee's permission)                                         vi. On corner kicks and free kicks. (with the referee's permission)                                                                                             vii. On your own throw-ins/ kick-ins.

  5. NB Referees must be notified of all substitutions made.

  6. The minimum number of players that must be present at the commencement of the game are as follow:                           11 v. 11: seven (7) players                                                                                                                                                                 9 v. 9: seven (6) players                                                                                                                                                                 7 v. 7: four (4) players                                                                                                                                                                     5 v. 5: four (3) players

  7. For U12 -U18 Divisions, any team failing to field the minimum number of players shall forfeit the game to its opposition.     Three Points and a score of 3-0 shall be recorded for the winning team unless the game is an Eagle Cup or tournament,   which a forfeit score of 1-0 will be recorded.

  8. No team will be permitted to field more than the opposing team at the start of the game with substitution as per the Rules & Regulations. Except if the Summer rules apply. 

  9. In the event of a draw in any house league tournament or playoff semifinal or Championship game the tie breaking rules (listed in progressive ranking order) are as follows:                                                                                                                         i. The head-to head results of games between two tied teams.                                                                                                    ii. Most wins                                                                                                                                                                                  iii. Best goal differential (keep in mind the mercy rule).                                                                                                               iv. Least goals against (GA).                                                                                                                                                            v. Best of 5 penalty kicks by 5 different players.                                                                                                                         vi. Alternating penalty kicks (sudden death) by the balance of players.

  10. Any game terminated by the referee due to inclement weather shall be deemed complete if the second half has begun.

  11. Any coach that forfeits or “pulls” his/her team off the playing field after the commencement of a match will be subject to a 5-0 loss to the opposing team and coach will be reviewed by the disciplinary committee.

  12. If the Referee abandons the game as a result of the misconduct of any player, coach or team supporter, the team that   caused the game abandonment shall be deemed to forfeit the game. If the other team is winning the game when it is       abandoned, then the score of the game shall be considered final and the other team shall be awarded the victory. If the   team that provoked the abandonment is winning or tied then they will forfeit the game and a score of 5-0 will be      rewarded to the opposing team.

  13. The forfeiture of the game only applies to age groups that maintain standings from U12 and up.



  1. Any objection as to the field of play, ball, corner flags, etc must be made to the referee before the game. The referee must then include this objection in his report.

  2. Protests must be made in writing to the Club Secretary within forty- eight (48) hours of the scheduled game time (Sundays and Statutory Holidays excluded) of the game protested. A written account must be signed by the coach of the team protesting with a certified cheque or cash in the amount of $100 to the Erin Mills Soccer Club must accompany the protest letter.

  3. In the event that the protest is validated, the Board of Directors will refund the fee.

  4. No protest regarding a game official’s decision(s) will be permitted.



  1. Game officials have authority over all players, coaches and spectators both before, during and after the completion of a   House League game and this authority applies on or near the field and in the parking lot adjacent to the field.

  2. Referee(s) in all House League games shall be assigned by the Club's Head Referee Assistant Referees shall only be       assigned to Girls U16- 18 and Boys U15-18 games. Only one Referee will be assigned to all other House League games.

  3. In the event of the non-appearance of the referee(s), ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off, then the Coaches of the opposing teams shall agree upon a mutually agreeable person(s) to referee the scheduled game (a different person could be designated to officiate each half) and the kick off shall proceed forthwith.

  4. The Referee must be at least two (2) years older than the players.

  5. Since House League Referees in the younger age groups are novices, Coaches MUST safeguard the safety of all youth   participants, including the game officials.

  6. In all House League games for Girls U7 to U15 and Boys U7 to U14, the Coach of each team must designate an individual to serve as an Assistant Referee (linesperson).

  7. Volunteers who act as Assistant Referees are only expected to indicate when the ball has fully crossed the line. They are NOT expected to indicate possession or to call any off-sides.

  8. Volunteer referees are deemed to be Game Officials and are subject to discipline pursuant to OSA Published Rules.   Off-Side rule is not enforced in House league games from U7-U10 but the Off-Side Rules is in effect from U11-U18 for both genders.The Referee must forward the Game Sheet to the Clubhouse. Failure to submit a report of the game within the time stipulated by the Club will result in nonpayment of referee fees.

  9. The referee must submit a written report to the Club regarding:                                                                                                   i. the issuance of a yellow/red card;                                                                                                                                              ii. a special incident report concerning a team official or parent;                                                                                             iii. a referee assault report in respect of any actual or attempted assault of a game official by a player, team official, parent or spectator;

  10. NOT later than 48 hours after the end of the game in which the incident occurred.

  11. In the event of a serious incident, the referee shall submit a copy of the report to The OSA.

  12. If a Referee Report is incomplete or unclear, Referees may be required to file a more complete Report or they may           requested to attend a Hearing to explain their report.



  1. Protests, suspensions and misconduct of players and coaches involved in league or tournament games shall be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee. The Committee shall be chaired by a certified discipline chair and be comprised of two other club members one of whom will act as Recording Secretary.

  2. Players and team officials reported for shall be dealt by a Discipline Panel appointed by the Club's Discipline Chair.           Discipline does not apply to Mini Players (U4-U11). Mini Players who engage in any misconduct should be removed from   the field and educated by the Coach/ Referee concerning the Published Rules and Laws of the Game.

  3. Protests shall be dealt within fourteen (14) days of notice to the Secretary.

  4. The Club shall hold all disciplinary hearings at the Clubhouse throughout the year. Hearings are scheduled for 7 p.m. on the second Friday following the delivery of the Game Sheet/ Special Incident Report' Referee Report, unless otherwise     provided herein or as may be determined by the Discipline Chair.

  5. For offences that occur in a house league game or a tournament game, players & team officials shall be deemed to have Notice of Discipline when the team coach receives the game sheet, the Special Incident Report, or any other Misconduct Report describing the incident at the end of the game.

  6. No other formal Notice of Hearing shall be provided to any player or team officials for game or tournament related           discipline.

  7. If discipline relates to alleged violations that DO NOT relate to a specific House League game or a Club tournament, then the Club's Discipline Chair shall issue a Notice of Hearing to the accused and to all other persons required to attend the Hearing at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Date of the Hearing.

  8. Any player or team official charged with an offence has the right to request One (1) postponement of the Hearing by         submitting a written request for an adjournment to the Club not less than four days prior to the scheduled hearing date   together with a $25.00 postponement fee that is payable to the Club by certified cheque or money order. No additional   postponements will be permitted.

  9. Decision By Review: Offences with fixed suspensions shall be dealt with by “Discipline by Review” ("DBR") procedure       (unless a hearing is requested in writing by the affected party within 72 hours following completion of the game).

  10. To request a hearing in relation to a DBR offence, the affected party must file a written request for a hearing with the Club together with a hearing fee of $25.00 in cash or certified funds within 72 hours after the game has ended.

  11. Decision By Hearing: All other offences whose standard penalties state a range of potential suspensions or penalties shall be dealt with at a Hearing in accordance with the "Discipline by Hearing" procedures prescribed by the OSA.

  12. Any decision handed down by the Disciplinary Committee, other than penalties resulting from any Decision by Review or any Guilty plea, is subject to appeal to the P.H.S.A Appeals Committee in accordance with OSA Published Rules.

  13. Any Director of the Club who is associated with a player, a coach or a team involved in any disciplinary proceedings is     deemed to be in a conflict of interest and is ineligible to serve on the Discipline Panel that considers the charges.

  14. In all cases of alleged physical assault or attempted physical assault of game official by a player or team official, the         accused shall be suspended until the case has been dealt with by the PHSA.

  15. All misconduct cases involving game officials shall be referred to the PHSA for consideration.

  16. Immediate Suspensions from All Soccer Activities: An immediate suspension must be imposed on receipt of a report for   the following misconduct:                                                                                                                                                   i. Offences of moral turpitude;                                                                                                                                              ii. Physical assault or attempted physical assault of a mini or youth registered player by a Team Official or Administrator; iii. Game Official Assault by a player, team official, administrator or another game official.

  17. Any person who has been suspended as a result of a discipline hearing shall not take part in any soccer related activities until the completion of his/her sentence.

  18. The Discipline Panel may add monetary fines/bonds to any suspension. Such monetary fines and bonds must be paid by certified cheque or money order payable to the Erin Mills Soccer Club within fifteen days of the receipt of the decision.     Failure to pay fines and bands with the time specified will result in the suspension of the person penalized for an               additional period of thirty (30) days, without further notification.

  19. All discipline conducted by the Club shall be conducted in accordance with the OSA Discipline Policy and the standard   penalties established by the OSA shall be imposed.




  1. These Rules and Regulations are to be strictly adhered to by all coaches and team officials.

  2. Coaches are responsible for the conduct including language of their players on and off the field during the game and their conduct toward spectators.

  3. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.

  4. The conduct of coaches must be exemplary in accordance with the Aims and Objectives of the Club.

  5. Game Sheets: Game sheets can be downloaded from the Club's web-site. Coaches shall ensure that the game sheet is   filled out for each game indicating:                                                                                                                                                i. The date of the game;                                                                                                                                                                   ii. The name of the field;                                                                                                                                                          iii. The team name/ number/ colour;                                                                                                                                iv. Whether you are the Home or the Away team; and                                                                                                        v. The names of all players and team officials who are present (ie. the Coach, Assistant Coach, & "Team Mom/Dad").

  6. Coaches MUST sign the Game Sheet; ensure that it is legible and completed correctly and give the completed game       sheet(s) to the Referee before the game begins.

  7. Coaches MUST play all players fairly and entitle every player with the ability to play a minimum of 1/2 a game. This applies to house league games including play-off games.

  8. For all regular House League games and play-off games in U12 to U18 Divisions, both coaches must call or e-mail the Age Group Convenor and report their game scores within 24 hours. Always indicate the Home and Away team when reporting game results. If coaches fail to report the score, then the Convenor has the discretion to record the score of the game as a 0-0 tie.

  9. Coaches MUST complete a player rating sheet for ALL Players based on the ratings criteria indicated by the Convenor     and submit the player ratings to the Convenor on or before the year-end Festival/ Picnic Day, as applicable.

  10. Coaches MUST attend a Ratings Review meeting as directed by the Convenor.

  11. Coaches MUST return their equipment bag and all of its contents (goal nets, pegs, corner flags, soccer balls, GK Uniform, ball pump, whistle and first aid kit) to the Club at the main tent on Festival/Picnic day.

  12. Coaches MUST abide by the provisions of the Coaches Code of Conduct that is attached hereto as Appendix "C" hereto.

  13. Any Coach who violates the terms of the Coaches Code of Conduct or these Rules & Regulations may be subject to         Discipline by the Club. Any Coach found guilty of violating the Coaches Code of Conduct or these Rules & regulations     may be suspended, expelled or terminated as a member and/ or may be fined in accordance with the penalties set forth in Appendix "D" attached hereto.


Indoor Rules:

  1. Retreat lines for all games up to U12 (both fursal and turf) players cannot encroach past the retreat line until an outfield     player touches the ball or the goalkeeper plays the ball past the retreat line.

  2. You cannot play the ball into the corner or it will result in a corner or a goal kick (both futsal and turf).

  3. You cannot play the roof netting. If the ball hits the netting it will result in an indirect free kick to the opposing team (both futsal and turf).

  4. You cannot play the ball off the back wall or back net this will result in a goal kick (both futsal and turf).

  5. Only registered volunteer coaches and players allowed on the bench, or behind the bench.