WHEREAS, after a long tradition of female engagement, the Erin Mills Soccer Club has decided to strive harder to strengthen the female impact of soccer in the community.


WHEREAS, The National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) celebration began in 1987 to celebrate Flo Hyman’s pledge to ensure equality of access and opportunities for women in sports. It has also been established to acknowledge and recognize the positive inspiration and influence female athletes have in the healthy development of children throughout the world.


WHEREAS, sport is a strong tool to break down social barriers of prejudice and racism while promoting the value and importance of team work, self-discipline, equality and leadership. Female athletes have inspired millions of children to strive for greatness and events like this are steps to ensure we give them the chance to be inspired.


WHEREAS, the history of female achievements in sports is rich and long and their accomplishments need to be celebrated.


THEREFORE, the Erin Mills Soccer Club commits to hold a yearly event that celebrates the inspiration countless female athletes have had in children across the world.