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The U13-U18 Competitive Program is the next stepping-stone for EMSC players who strive for excellence and a continued competitive pathway. This is an opportunity for the players to enhance their tactical knowledge, understanding of the game, and technical skills.


The U13-U21 Competitive Program is a year-round three to four days a week commitment. EMSC staff coaches, are knowledgeable, accredited, and committed, all of whom possess high standards and implement in-depth training sessions.

To learn more about our U13-U17 program, read our 2023/2024 U13-U17 Program Outline.

To learn more about our U18 program, read our 2023/2024 U18 Program Outline.

2022/2023 Season Boys Teams

2022/2023 Season Girls Teams

To connect with any of the coaches, please contact our Competitive Program Manager, Alex Szczotka.
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