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Erin Mills Soccer Club is excited to launch our Referral Program! We recognize that many of our new members join our club based on the recommendations of others. We wanted to create a program that rewards those that recommend our club to family and friends. 

Those who refer someone new to the club will receive a $20 credit on their account. All new members who are referred to the club will receive a $20 credit to use towards their first registration. 


  1. The person giving the referral (the referrer) must have had at least one child participate in an EMSC program within the past year (including Summer 2021).

  2. The person who is receiving the referral (the referree) must have never registered for an EMSC program before. 

  3. The referrer can be registered for any EMSC program (Recreational, Development or Competitive). The referree can only use the credit towards any Recreational programs (Outdoor Rec, Eagles Soccer School, All Abilities) or Camps.

  4. The referee should submit the request. We will contact both individuals before issuing any credits.

  5. A request for a referral MUST be submitted BEFORE individuals register for any programs. We will not be giving any refunds, so parties must submit a request for a referral before registration if they wish to use credit for the current season. 

  6. A referrer can refer multiple people and receive multiple credits, but someone can only be referred once. 


  1. The referree should fill out the form. 

  2. Our Customer Service team will check each individual's PowerUp account to ensure they qualify for the referral program. 

  3. Our Customer Service team will contact both individuals' to notify them if their request has been accepted or denied. 

  4. If approved, our Customer Service team will place a $20 credit on each individual's account. 

  5. Individuals now can register for their desired program and credit will automatically be put towards the registration cost. 

If you have any questions about the referral program, please contact our Customer Service team at

Referral Program Application

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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