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Empowering Girls Through Sport

We shape ourselves as individuals through years of experiences, role models and our goals. Soccer incorporates all of these aspects to shape players into teammates. It has been noted that the participation rate among girls is declining. Many reasons contribute to the decline but what about the potential that they may be missing out on. Soccer provides countless opportunities for personal growth for girls of all ages. Leadership, confidence, perseverance and problem solving are just a few advantages girls get when playing soccer.

Body image is an aspect of individuality that’s an issue among girls. Society portrays what they see as “normal” when in reality we are all different. Soccer is a place where attitude and spirit matter more than waist size. Playing soccer opens doors to personal acceptance and self-confidence among girls.

There isn’t a shortage of female influences within the sporting world. One that comes to mind is Christine Sinclair. She has the most international goals by a Canadian female soccer player and is 2nd all time internationally. Sinclair has been the face of Canadian soccer for the past decade and is one of the biggest reasons for girls being interest in playing soccer. Soccer has helped Sinclair with skills and traits that other girls can learn as well from playing soccer.

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