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EMSC at the 2019 Sports & Camp Show

Erin Mills Soccer Club attended the 26th Annual Sports & Camp Show hosted by the Mississauga News and the Mississauga Sport Council located at the Erin Mills Town Centre. This showcased allowed to club the opportunity to gain new members by showing all the amazing aspects that EMSC has to offer.

Saturday February 23rd, marked another successful Sports & Camp Show for Erin Mills Soccer Club, held at the Erin Mills Town Centre.

The event was hosted by the Mississauga News and the Mississauga Sport Council to provide the opportunity to show the sport groups and summer camps that are available for the youth in the community, in the hopes of encouraging an active lifestyle. EMSC wanted to be a part of such an important step in the active development of youth. Engaging the community is an important aspect and EMSC strongly believes in connecting with community which is why the club did not want to miss out.

This was a great opportunity for the club to show the community what we offer and just how great it is to be a part of the Eagles family. We handed out EMSC t-shirts to anyone who visited our both and was interested in joining the club. We were glad to see some familiar faces coming to say hello at our both, however, what was even more incredible were the previous members stopping by to reminisce about the great memories they had with the club.

EMSC was the only soccer club to hold a session to display some of the drills that are done at practices. With the help from two of our CDP coaches and current Erin Mills players we were able to put on a successful showcase in front of the welcoming crowd.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by the EMSC both, and to the new members joining the Eagles family.

Watch the highlights of EMSC at the Sports and Camp Show below.

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